score [skôr]
[ME < OE scoru < ON skor < IE base * (s)ker-, to cut > SHEAR]
a) a scratch, mark, incision, etc. [scores made on ice by skates]
b) a line drawn or scratched, often to mark a starting point, etc.
c) notches made in wood, marks made as with chalk, etc., to keep tally or account
2. an amount or sum due; account; debt
3. a grievance or wrong one seeks to settle or get even for
4. anything offered as a reason or motive; ground [on the score of poverty]
5. the number of points made in a game or contest by a player or team, or the record of these points
a) a grade or rating, as on a test or examination
b) a number indicative of quality, usually based on an arbitrary scale in which 100 means perfection in certain specified characteristics [92 score butter]
a) twenty people or things; set of twenty
b) [pl.] very many
8. Informal a successful move, stroke, remark, etc.
9. Informal
a) the way that life or a certain situation really is; real facts: chiefly in know the score
b) the pertinent facts; lowdown
10. Slang the victim of a swindle; mark
11. Slang the act of getting or stealing, as drugs
12. Dancing notation used to indicate dancers' movements, as in a ballet
13. Music
a) a written or printed copy of a composition, showing all the parts for the instruments or voices
b) the music for a stage production, film, etc., esp. as distinguished from the lyrics, dialogue, etc.
scored, scoring [ME scoren]
1. to mark with notches, scratches, cuts, lines, etc.
2. to crease or partly cut (cardboard, paper, etc.) for accurate folding or tearing
3. to cancel or mark out by lines drawn: with out
4. to mark with lines or notches in keeping account
5. to keep account of by or as by lines or notches; reckon; tally; mark
a) to make (runs, hits, goals, etc.) in a game and so add to one's number of points
b) to count toward the number of points [a touchdown scores 6]
c) to record or enter the score of
d) to record or add (points) to one's score
e) Baseball to bring (a runner) home as by getting a hit
7. to get by effort or merit; gain [to score a resounding success]
8. to grade (an examination, etc.); rate or evaluate, as in testing
9. to get (a specified grade) on a test
a) to raise welts on by lashing
b) to criticize severely; upbraid
11. Slang to get or steal (drugs, money, etc.)
12. Cooking to cut superficial gashes in (meat, etc.)
13. Music Dancing to orchestrate, arrange, or write out in a score
1. to make a point or points, as in a game
2. to keep the score, as of a game
3. to be rated by one's score on a test
a) to gain an advantage
b) to win or enjoy credit, popularity, success, etc.
5. to make notches, lines, gashes, etc.
6. Slang to have sexual intercourse

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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